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I just wish I had that someone to talk to, let me know I’m fine, that everythings gonna be okay…someone to cry to when I need them…some place to go, an escape…I feel like I’m going crazy with no outlet….

#BitchesInTheClubBeLike AND #NiggasInTheClubBeLike…

#BitchesInTheClubBeLike AND #NiggasInTheClubBeLike…

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once again

I feel like I’m getting depressed again…based on my “not up for anything” mood and my want to sleep and eat all day….maybe its the weather?

I’m a fool for pretty words its always been my number one down fall gotta fix that shittt

Lmfaoo affection when I want ut and on my terms!

Lmfaoo affection when I want ut and on my terms!

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sick sick SICK!

I never ever ever get sick…but when I do that one time a year…it gets horribly bad! And I get a litttttttle dramatic cuz it dont happen often…I feel bad for my friends on facebook who have to endure my statuses for the next 24 plus hours…MERRY CHRISTMAS THO♡♡♡

miraculous medal

I know someone who was desperately trying to get pregnant and it never worked, one day at work this woman came into our job and she was talking about how she was buying a toy for her miracle baby, because she and her husband were trying so hard to make a baby and the doctors told her she couldnt conceive…she turned to a higher power and prayed and prayed…she was given a miraculous medal to help achieve her biggest dream…a few months later she found out she was pregnant…she told my friend she would pray for her and handed her this medal too and a few weeks later my friend found out she was pregnant…she recently came back to the store and after sharing the good news…she handed me a medal too she said “if you believe miracles can happen they will…and not just with pregnancies with anything you desire” I keep this medal in my wallet now and take it where ever I go…there has to be something out there…this proved it to me, and I’m a woman of shaken faith…but this is leading me towards something to believe in…


HEY WOMAN….HOW THE DAMN HELL YOU GONNA REACH YOUR GOALS BY THE END OF THE YEAR, APRIL AND SUMMER (3 diff goals) IF YOU KEEP FUCKING UP! Smh…you never learn…and that’s why this shit happens to you *smh HA


I am

Vulnerability; it’s a trait that only those strong and brave possess, only those people can knowingly put themselves in that position, but if taken advantage of in this state can break even the strongest and bravest and make them feel the weakest…aint that some oxymoron type shit… loll

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